Beautiful vase for home

On occasion, any occasion is complete without delightful colors. The number of flowers can be unique, in accordance with this, the container in which the plants will be placed must be a suitable razor. There is a specialty in coordinating flowering in an ideal spot personalized flower vase. Find the right option, and you can achieve this effect, even with a couple of basic shades. Here we will discuss the five best containers that every lover should have and share our experience on how to best match them with your shades.

The best tips for choosing the perfect container

The main thing you need to know is that when choosing the perfect container there are problems with size. The general recommendation is that the length of the flower stems should not be several and a half or several times the height of the selected container.

As the container grows, take the gander on the slot. If the likelihood that the neck is too wide may not be enough to support the stems, you may lose shape. The hole is too thin, and this can limit the beam plan or even damage the stems.

VAZ segment

Join a class of flowers with long stems, such as lilies, gladioli, and sunflowers, by selecting a tall thin container with segments to show them. In addition, it is an ideal solution for creating beautiful branches or branches, as a smaller container gives a fantastic structure and keeps everything smooth and manageable.


The hourglass jar is surprisingly flexible and is a genuine buffet item. This type of container is especially suitable for flowers with short stems with huge round heads, for example, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, asters, daisies, lilies. Wide from the base, bounded in the center and slightly flared from above, its curved style will truly emphasize the sweet state of your flowers. The vase with roses will look great in muted colors.


A container that looks like a round or aquarium bowl is not suitable for all colors, but it may seem like a real joy when it is loaded with a tightly folded bunch of tulips, gerberas or roses – or a mixed flower structure. Try to cut the stems to the height of the jug so that they are happy to stand, and then extend the flower heads to create a magnificent folded punch. This kind of vase will look perfect in the rays of daylight crystal vase.

Supplement WHA

Containers with buds are most suitable for exhibiting individual stems or groups of small flowers. If you don’t have anything, an assortment of jam containers or milk bottles is for you. You can wrap such a bottle or a jar with a beautiful paper. The paper can be fixed with decorative tape. Such a vase will look unusual. Friends will not guess that this is just a can. The obscene grouping of small jars like these is an incredible way to improve your dining table as they do not interfere with the discussion. Also, why not put one on the table to light up the morning?

Rectangular cans

Rectangular cans look incredible in modern entrails. They are also ideal when you need to arrange individual stems in bulk, such as daffodils or tulips, in light of the fact that the flowers should have room for circulation empty vase florist.

An ideal container is one that is ideally suited to the inside of the house and, moreover, stands firmly at the surface level and contains flowers. The material must be durable. The shadow of the container and its size also play a significant role. Try to choose the container exactly as you prefer vase global views. Let the house always be warm, pleasant, sweet and brilliant.

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